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Wagner Music Studio began in 2010, and favours traditional methods of teaching with an emphasis on tailoring the lessons to each student. We enjoy beginning the musical journey on the violin or the cello, and work with students of all ages and abilities. We aim to provide an environment where students are encouraged in all areas of music - melody, harmony, rhythm, reading and ear-training skills, theory and musicality.

We offer AMEB preparation for those students who would like to achieve these exams, and provide accompaniment for them.

Director and Principal Teacher

Lynley has worked with children for more than 20 years, and is a mother herself. Prior to teaching violin, she taught children’s choirs and choreographed children’s musicals. Apart from teaching, Lynley likes to engage her students to instil a love of music in them as well as the joy of playing the violin.

Lynley is Director of Strings at Gordon East Public School.

Apart from teaching, Lynley likes to engage with her students to instill a love of music in them as well as the joy of playing the violin.


Morgan Wagner ~ Violin

Kirilee Wagner ~ Cello

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Why Learn A Stringed Instrument?

Many studies have shown that learning to play a musical instrument increases capacity of the memory, enhances coordination, betters mathematical ability, improves reading and comprehension skills, sharpens concentration, boosts listening skills, teaches perseverance and discipline, fosters self-expression and creates a sense of achievement.

The violin is a versatile, portable instrument used in a wide variety of music - classical, jazz, Celtic music, bluegrass, country, as well as pop and rock music. The cello is also a versatile and portable instrument, and is also used in a wide variety of music styles. Its lower register is pleasing to the ear, and its natural hand position makes it an easier instrument on which to begin learning for many.

Learning to play a stringed instruments involves the use of fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination, intonation training, and the teaching of melody and harmony, rhythm and reading music.


Cost: $39.00 per half hour lesson.


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